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The Birth Rites Collection is the first and only collection of contemporary artwork dedicated to the subject of childbirth. The collection currently comprises of photography, sculpture, painting, wallpaper, drawing, new media, documentary and experimental film. It is housed in the University of Salford in the School of Nursing Midiwfery and Social Care in the Mary Seacole Building.

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Theatre Gwan, Fishguard

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Christmas Tour : 15th December 2016 @ 6.00-pm

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In March 2016 Birth Rites Collection expanded to the second floor of the School of Nursing Midwifery and Social Care. This rehanging of the collection co-incided with the building reparations to create a Home from Home Suite in the midiwfery school and Simulation Suite for teaching. This collection now meanders around and through the corridors and in the Home from Home suite itself. Embedded in the building it means students staff and the general public have the opportunity to experience the cutting edge and sometimes challenging art works which stimulate discussion and debate.


New Works added to the Collections page:


Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Billie Bond, Jennifer Campbell, Leonie Cronin, Fiammetta Horvat, Belinda Kochanowska, Bella Milroy, Tal Regev, Jean Thompson, Samantha Sweeting Marie Brett show for the first time internationally aclaimed artwork, 'Kinderwunsch'; by artist Ana Casas Broda. 


Ping Qui 'Ur-Form' and still from Leonie Cronin's short film Fill Moon Eggs. Below : Images of the colleciton Photograph by David Oates.



We are pleased to announce that Birth Rites Collection has won some funding from the Goldsmiths Innovation Award to support the relaunch of the collection and mentoring of the business.


Helen Knowles will be working alongside Marina Norris on the mentoring programme.

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Student Midwives in the Home from Home suite at Salford University learning about homebirth practise surrounded by two works by Judy Chicago from her 1980's Birth Project.

Birth Rites at The Royal Exchange : Come and see some of the works at the Birth project in Manchester opening on the 19th - 22nd October 2016. Featured artists : Billie Bond / Marie Brett / Claire Lawrie / Fiammetta Horvat / Hermione Wiltshire / Leonie Cronin.