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Visualising Embodiment - The art of Birthing Seminar


Griselda Pollock at the Birth Rites Collection


Listen to the audio recording of the Grisela Pollock Seminar here!




In collaboration with the Manchester Feminist Theory Network. Birth Rites will welcomed the renowned writer and academic, Griselda Pollock to the collection to present a paper and take part in a seminar;


Visualising Embodiment: The Art of Birthing

3-6pm Tuesday 9 December

Room 3.33

Third Floor, Mary Seacole Building

Salford University


Speakers: Professor Griselda Pollock (Leeds); Imogen Tyler (Lancaster); Helen Knowles, (artist and curator of Birth Rites collection, Salford Midwifery Dept); Dawn Edge (UoM); Rosemary Deller (PhD student, UoM)


This event was sponsored by the Manchester Feminist Theory Networks seminar series; Putting Feminist Theory Into Practice.

Griselda Pollock Seminar