Birth Rites Collection

The Crowning

Judy Chicago began work on "The Birth Project" in 1980 collaborating with more than 150 needle workers during the process. By the time it was finished, it had taken five years. "I have approached the subject of birth with awe, terror, and fascination and have tried to present different aspects of this universal experience the mythical, the celebratory, and the painful." taken from the book "Judy Chicago The Birth Project".

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EU 31 The Crowning

The Crowning from the Birth Project Judy Chicago 1982
Drawing, painting and colour specification by Judy Chicago. Batik from Chicago's drawing by Dianne Barber, San Francisco. Embroidery and quilting by Gwen Glesman, Wshington DC. Quilt 29" x 44 " Overall installation 8' - 4" 31 1/2, includes 5 laminated documentation panels each 15" x 11".