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Formations / Seeds

40x50cm, light jet c-type print, Germany 2013

by Valerie Schmidt


The work Formations (seeds) presents a series of delicate formations, which are taken out of context and have been rearranged. The ordinary objects are being transformed into fragile, momentary allegories. The intention of these figurations is to charge them with emotional meaning and to depict boarders between stability and collapse. The image depicts seeds creeping up a plate, which may also be an abstract presentation of a female egg or a womb.


Valerie Schmidt is a photographer, whose work is divided between the art world, editorial and documentary work. Her work has been shown in many exhibitions in Europe and in the United States. She is based in Berlin and and has specialised her art work on the investigation of the affective logic of human emotional behaviour. Her last works are focused on the photographical invention of hysteria, the sculpural moment of falling and balance and on the topic of hypnosis. She is a associate professor for photography at the Hochschule Rhein-Waal in Kamp-Lintfort