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Samantha Lippett

Samantha Lippett is an artist, aspiring curator and researcher. Samantha studied a BA (Hons) in Illustration at the University of Brighton, where she initiated a research project exploring the history of the maternal image and to what extent patriarchal influence has had has on the birthing experience today. During 2013 she created a series of short documentary films and sound recordings on the subject of loss in birth; adoption; maternal and paternal instinct and the sexualisation of childbirth online. This body of work was showcased in both Brighton and London during the summer of 2013.


After securing the position of intern at the Birth Rites Collection, Samantha was funded by the Association of Art Historians to participate in field research with Helen Knowles on a new project entitled, Birth Online / Birth Offline. This took Samantha to New Mexico during the summer, where she and Helen worked with Native Midwives and women to explore their perspective of birth.


Intern 2013-2014