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One Day Young

Jenny Lewis, Photographic prints.


Gitta and Til

Hazel and Rudy

Nicola and Jemima


"I have been working on the One Day Young for the last four years, documenting Mothers with their newborns within the first 24 hours of their birth. All the portraits are taken in their personal space, the environment reinforcing the intimacy of the image, a glimpse into a private world.


I am interested in documenting the quiet moment just hours after birth when the female identity of motherhood is being established. The women in the series are unknown to me, they have all responded to leaflets posted around the borough. We have not previously met or exchanged an image, so they are not cast on their age, race, looks or class. The openness and intimacy of complete strangers where I expected vulnerability has been a surprise and as the series has evolved I have noticed its ability to empower."