Birth Rites Collection

New Acquisitions: Judy Chicago / Helen Knowles /Tabitha Moses.

EU 82 Creation of the World Detail

We are pleased to announce that Judy Chicago has donated two works from her 1980's Birth Project “Through the Flower".

Thanks to the University of Salford's Arts Collection for covering transport costs for bringing the works to the Uk.

The Creation of the World, needlepoint by Hill, 20" x 38.5", Judy Chicago

2.'Раждане с оргазъм'

‘Раждане с оргазъм’ Birth with orgasm
Four Colour Screen print on Fabriano 1/3 x 146cm 2012 Edition of 3

New to the collection donated by Helen Knowles

Islands small

Islands of Blood and Longing by Tabitha Moses 2010. Blood on paper, 72.5 x 52cm unframed.

'The islands of blood and longing were made in the days and weeks following the loss of a much wanted pregnancy. Making this map was a way of making beauty and meaning from the product of a horrific and disorientating experience. The stains of lost blood became islands which, in turn, became a chart to help me find my way. The phases of the moon counted the days while the compass brought order and direction." Moses 2012.