Birth Rites Collection

Helen Knowles

Helen Knowles is an artist and curator of the Birth Rites collection. Currently a British
Council, Young Creative Entrepreneur, she has curated and commissioned work for internationally renowned projects which include; ‘Birth Rites’, Manchester Museum
/Glasgow Science Centre and ‘Don’t Cross the line’. Other shows include ‘Agitate’ and ‘Radio Halo’. She has shown work in the ‘One Tree’ exhibition and Gallery Oldham’s
touring show ‘Wild flowers - their Art and Science’. Recent shows include ‘Walls are
Talking’ Whitworth Art Gallery (2010) and ‘After London’ (2010) Sassoon Gallery,

Her work is in The Whitworth Art Gallery Collection, Tate Collection, Birth Rites Collec-
tion and Gallery Oldham Collection. She works as a freelancer leading workshops
with The Whitworth Art Gallery and the House of Illustration.

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