Birth Rites Collection

Twins_ top detail

Gravid Uterus Twin

Matt Collier, 2009,
Pencil on Paper, 176 x 140cm

Matt Collier Matt Collier completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, London, 2004 and an MFA at Glasgow School of Art, 2009. Collier has exhibited widely across the UK and currently lives and works in Oxfordshire.

Collier’s drawing developed after studying a number of historical, anatomical illustrations. The nature of the drawing itself takes on the diagrammatical authority in which scientific ‘truth’ is established in its viewing. This strategy is the heart of how we view the scientifically truthful, versusfantastical visualisations today. This methodof drawingattempts to objectify the emotionally charged area of childbirth; in the thought that these two humans are entwined, striving to live. The period of the source material (C.1770) is at a point of radical change in obstetrics, when themortality rate for child and mother were extremely high.