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Anna FC Smith

Anna FC Smith is a multi-media artist, illustrator and curator based in Manchester. She has shown globally in exhibitions and film screenings. She is the Chair and Arts Coordinator for North By North Western Arts Festival in her home borough of Wigan.


Her main artistic practice is concerned with transgressive states attained through social ritual. Her work deals with recognizing or recreating similarities with historic rituals, such as medieval carnival, in contemporary life, and attempts to highlight the importance of temporary transgressions in understanding what it is to be human. In doing so her work straddles art and anthropology.


She came to work as an intern for the BRC through her interest in anthropology and human universals. The differences in methods, myths and attitudes to something as unifying as childbirth is a subject which echoes loudly within her practice. She sees this role as opportunity to help bring this sidelined part of humanity to the fore of the art canon and of social dialog. Her main roles as intern are to promote and expand the collection and its uses.


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Intern 2011-2012