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A Conflict of Interest

Lauren McLaughlin. Neon.


Overall dimensions : 113 x 34 x 10cm


Materials; neon, transformers, flasher unit, wire, perspex.

The work is a neon typographic artwork with an inbuilt

flasher unit, programmed to flash in sequence between

the words ‘mother’, ‘other’, ‘me’ and ‘her’.


‘A Conflict of Interests’ is a visual exploration of the ongoing identity struggles I’ve faced since the birth of my child. The constant flashing of several words within the

word ‘mother’ is a reflection of the simultaneous identities we have as mothers, women, lovers, artists, daughters, and the fact that these identities are both

connected and conflicted.


The act of childbirth and the role of women as mothers is something that has been simultaneously revered and ignored. I wanted this piece to speak from the subjective viewpoint of a mother myself, and to act as both a symbol

of strength and admiration as well as a nod to these inner identity conflicts we all experience as women.

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